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Davis Intercontinental is an international organizational effectiveness practice that ensures entrepreneurs, leaders, government innovators, teams and enterprises flourish in a post Covid marketplace.

Davis Intercontinental
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I help fast growth enterprise top talent get focused, own their agility, and lead innovative initiatives.


Through investor relations, digital governance and multilingual education, Davis Intercontinental’s vision is to enable constituencies & employees to obtain healthier and happier lives by enabling customers to transparently engage leaders.


Leveraging Davis Intercontinental’s work as a venture studio helping global CEOs and diplomats make social impact, we guide individuals and institutions through transparent breakthrough around governing and growing new business Our work brings autonomous consciousness that is interconnected while still remaining sovereign and free.

The How

We give clear, concise and concrete solutions to entrepreneurs and government leaders seeking to make a positive social impact. We travel the world, bring people together and challenge the norms of broken perspectives in legacy private/ public enterprise.

Create and launch transformational patents

Mark Reid Davis

is a deep diver, who works alongside his clients to bring about efficient changes that benefit them for decades to come.

Mark Reid Davis

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