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Mark Reid Davis

grew up on a cattle farm in South Carolina in the United States. In the rolling blue mountains just outside of Appalachia, he learned early on to care for cattle, build fences and barns, and work with others to fund his love of international travel. As he grew older, he became interested in languages, archeology and international relations. He earned several scholarships to study and work in South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Although he worked in a number of diplomatic and philanthropic posts, Mark has continued to return to business-building where as an expert in corporate strategy, organization design and executive coaching- he has helped guide clients through successful & profitable global transitions. Mark is a deep diver, who works alongside his clients to bring about efficient changes that benefit them for decades to come.

Expert in:

  • Merit Solutions – Personality and Preferences Inventory 2013
  • Psycho metrics – California Psychological Inventory 2012
  • Hogan Assessment 2011
  • Methods 2010
  • Birkman Method 2009
  • Person Clinical – Minnesota Multiphasic Inventory 2008
  • Eysenck Inventory 2007
  • Acer NEO personality 2006
  • Accenture Performance Coach 2005
  • Babson Coach for Leadership & Teamwork 2005
  • Myers-Briggs 2004
  • DISC 2002
  • Gallup/ Clifton StrengthsFinder 2003
  • Lindamood-Bell Dyslexia Assessment 

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